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Freescale Semiconductor has introduced the MC33897 dual-wire CAN transceivers, which are used in high-speed and medium-speed applications with the goal of data transfer. In cost-sensitive applications, single-wire CAN solutions provide an adequate speed and cost alternative. The single-wire CAN transceivers allow the CAN protocol to be transmitted over one wire. The result is cost reduction for networks that don't require full, high-speed CAN transmissions. The eight-pin and 14-pin devices drop into the same board layout for cost savings and increased flexibility.

The MC33897 is designed in accordance with the General Motors Corporation GMW3089v2.3 single-wire CAN physical layer specification. The devices support low sleep-mode current that minimizes battery drain, bus signal waveshaping that meets automotive electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) requirements and protection features that prevent faulted nodes from interfering with other network communications. Operating from a vehicle's 12 V battery system or a local dc power source, the MC33897 functions at low or high data rates.

The MC33897 and MC33897A 14-pin devices are in production now and available at a suggested retail price of 87 cents (USD) per unit in 10,000-unit quantities. The MC33897B eight-pin device is available in sample quantities.
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