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SiRF offers JSR-179 superset as location services enabling platform

SiRF Technology Holdings has introduced SiRFstudio, a superset of the JSR-179 location API intended to make location a useful part of every mobile device. It supports integrated development environments such as Java Wireless Toolkit 2.3 and offers software developers easily accessible, standard APIs for accessing location capabilities across multiple devices, operating systems and location technologies.

The firm said SiRFstudio allows developers to incorporate advanced location features without having to concern themselves with the underlying hardware or invest in implementing an end-to-end location solution. It can be built into mobile devices to “location-enable” native applications. Service providers can use SiRFstudio locally or as a hosted solution to launch multiple location based service (LBS) applications and route geospatial data from multiple providers for geospatial mobility server (GMS) roaming.

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