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SIRIUS adds real-time traffic data

SIRIUS Satellite Radio will begin broadcasting traffic data in November using traffic information from NAVTEQ and covering 22 metropolitan areas, as does rival satellite radio service provider XM Radio. XM began its traffic service last fall. Traffic service is expected to reach more than 50 cities by 2007.

The traffic service promises to keep subscribers informed about potential delays or incidents along a driver’s route, including road speed and flow information, unscheduled traffic incidents, and scheduled road closures and road work.

The first unit to support Sirius’ traffic data service is the SiriusConnect SIR-ALP10T tuner, which interfaces with Alpine Electronics' NVE-N872A Satellite Traffic Ready navigation system. The tuner will receive and play SIRIUS' programming while monitoring the data channel for traffic messages. SIRIUS said its technology supports additional data services, such as weather. XM Radio is currently providing weather data to airplane pilots.

The SiriusConnect SIR-ALP10T tuner retails for $299.99 and the Alpine NVE-N872A Satellite Traffic Ready navigation system costs $1,700, not including a navigation monitor.

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