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Skypine picks Zoran processors for automobile DVD systems

Skypine Electronics has introduced a line of automobile DVD systems based on Vaddis 8 DVD multimedia processors from Zoran Corporation. “Zoran’s engineering support enabled Skypine to quickly deliver our first models to address this growing market," said Skypine president Alex Shi.

The Skypine SD-9218 is an in-dashboard car DVD system with a 7-inch motorized touch-screen powered by a Vaddis 8 processor that enables playback of DVD, VCD, DivX, CDDA, MP3 and WMA. The SD-9812 includes an AM/FM tuner, TV tuner, SD card reader and Bluetooth interface for hands-free mobile phone operation. It also includes an audio power amplifier for driving four speakers and it can support an external GPS navigation box. The SD-9821NAV includes a GPS navigation system, SD memory card interface and 6.5-inch LCD touch screen. The SD-9710, with a 7-inch LCD touch screen, features iPod connectivity and is XM satellite radio ready. All four models are equipped with a switch that enables video playback in the driver's seat only when the car is not in motion.

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