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SMT Inductor/Transformers Minimize EMI Radiation

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Offering designers a choice of Kool-Mu, powdered iron, or MPP cores (three individual series), the LPT-3535 line of SMT inductor/transformers is designed to minimize EMI radiation in dc/dc converter, common-mode choke, and isolation transformer circuits. Typical applications include: standalone power supplies; automotive, military and aerospace, consumer electronics; and test and measurement equipment. Based on a toroidal design, the line offers a choice of 14 inductance values from 1 to 330 µH, ±15%. Their dc resistance is as low as 4 milliohms for a 1-µH component with a powdered iron core. Maximum current is as high as 6.45A. The components measure 0.35"D x 0.235"H. Two separate windings on each component allow connections to be made in series or parallel. Half- and quarter-height devices, in addition to custom versions, are available. A high-temperature shell design makes the series suitable for use in IR reflow processes. Samples and production quantities are available now, with lead times of eight weeks for larger orders.

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