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Software Tools Create Automotive Wire Harnesses

Transforming automotive wire harness design from a process that is purely mechanical to one that includes electrical analysis before going from design to manufacturing is made possible with the SaberHarness suite of software tools. The design suite consists of the SaberHarness wiring editor, a dc simulator, an optional mixed-signal transient simulator compatible with Saber, SaberBundle editor, and interfaces to mechanical 3D CAD software. It is used to design and simulate electrical wiring systems or harnesses, and simplifies creation of a schematic with an easy-to-use editor that defines the electrical functionalism using components familiar to the designer such as wires, connectors and splices. The entire harness design is stored in a central database that reduces the risk of errors caused by data duplication and entry tasks. The included physical wire model allows the exact geometric and material characteristics or real wires to be accurately simulated.


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