Electronic Design

Speedy Serial EEPROMs Supply Data At 1 And 3 MHz

Pushing the speed of its I2C serial interface to 1 MHz, the CAT24FC32 provides 32 kbits of EEPROM storage. The chip includes a 32-byte page write or single-byte write mode. Its power supply can span 2.7 to 5.5 V. Its serial memory's zero standby current suits it well for battery-powered systems. For designs that need a fast MicroWire interface, the CAT93HC46 runs at 3 MHz and provides 1 kbit of EEPROM storage configurable as 128 words by 8 bits or 64 words by 16 bits. Both chips are available in 8-pin DIPs, surface-mount TSSOPs, or SOIC packages and in commercial (0oC to 70oC), industrial (×40oC to 105oC), or extended automotive (×40oC to 125oC) temperature ranges. The CAT24FC32 and CAT93HC46 respectively sell for $0.65 and $0.25 each in lots of 1000.

Catalyst Semiconductor
www.catalyst-semiconductor.com; (408) 542-1080

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