Auto Electronics

STMicro, Automotive Communications Systems partner to develop VII chips

STMicroelectronics and Automotive Communications Systems are partnering to develop communications integrated circuits for vehicle and infrastructure integration (VII).

The VII initiative is investigating the potential safety benefits of car-to-car and car-to-roadside high-speed communications. If the initiative is successful, automotive OEMs will install on-board equipment on new vehicles sold in North America and the U.S. government will install infrastructure on major roadways.

STMicro brings automotive semiconductor expertise to the partnership while Automotive Communications Systems will contribute a patent-pending architecture for channel access, reliability of communications, and precision vehicle location at a lower cost than current solutions.

"There is clearly enormous potential for the technology that ACS brings to solving problems facing the VII program," said Ugo Carena, corporate VP and general manager of STMicro’s Automotive Products Group.

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