Auto Electronics

STMicro automotive power MOSFET boasts low ON-resistance for switching applications

A new high-current power MOSFET from STMicroelectronics, designed specifically for the automotive market, features 6.5 mOhm maximum ON-resistance (RDS(on) thanks to optimization of proprietary ST technology called STripFET that is based on increased cell density. Typical RDS(on) is approximately 5 mOhm.

The STD95N04 is a 40 V, 80 A standard-level DPAK device intended for use in dc-dc converters, motor control, solenoid drivers and ABS systems. It’s said to be competitive in price (38 cents in 10k quantities) as well as ON-resistance compared with devices manufactured with conventional trench technology. The device is compliant with the AEC Q101 Stress Test qualification for discrete semiconductors. Its maximum operating temperature is 175 °C, and it is 100% avalanche rated.

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