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STMicro extends ST7Lite MCU family with enhanced peripherals

STMicroelectronics has added a line of eight-bit Flash microcontrollers with embedded peripherals to its ST7Lite family. Targeting cost-sensitive automotive and other applications, the firm’s ST7FLITE3 MCUs feature an enhanced 12-bit auto-reload timer and a master/slave LINSCI asynchronous interface while retaining the 20-pin ST7 package.

The 12-bit timer offers four independent pulse width-modulated output channels with programmable dead time generation, intended for use in half-bridge driving mode in motor control applications where PWM signals must not be allowed to overlap; a 2 kHz to 4 MHz frequency range; programmable duty cycles; polarity control; and programmable output modes.

The embedded hardware LINSCI asynchronous serial interface is said to enable smooth implementation of LIN bus applications. ST’s LINSCI is a hardware-enhanced SCI port designed to simplify software design, and to increase system performance by reducing CPU overhead.

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