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STMicroelectronics' launches 8-bit MCUs for body electronics

STMicroelectronics ( has launched a new line of 8-bit microcontrollers for cost-sensitive car body applications including wipers, climate control, door locking, sunroof, and window lifts.

The ST7FL family, based on ST's ST7 architecture, features an embedded EEPROM memory for configuration parameter storage, a 1.5kB to 8kB code storage area, and an internal RC oscillator. The configuration parameter storage feature eliminates the need for external devices, minimizes wiring complexity and reduces printed circuit board space requirements, the company said. The contents of the programmable memory can be secured against unauthorized copying by activating a read-out protection mechanism. In-circuit programmability allows devices to be programmed at the end of the assembly line.

Some devices within the family include embedded peripherals such as a Local Interconnect Network Serial Communication Interface (LINSCI), which facilitates implementation of LIN network solutions. The LIN interface features auto-synchronization, and can use an internal RC oscillator as a clock source, thus reducing the need for external components.

With an extensive range of development utilities, including automotive evaluation kit for networking, starter kits, SW drivers for easy LIN implementation, the family enables a very short time to market. Additionally, the in-circuit programming capability of single-voltage Flash technology allows devices to be fast programmed at the end of the assembly line, ensuring flexible stock management for end users.

Members of the ST7FL family (ST7FL39, ST7FL19 and ST7FL09) are available in 16-pin SO16, 20-pin SO20, and QFN20 lead-free packages.

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