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Strategy Analytics reports on battery sensors, auto electronics in India

Strategy Analytics’ Automotive Electronics Service has published reports on automotive intelligent battery sensors and the market for automotive electronics in India.

"Automotive Intelligent Battery Sensors: A Charged Future," predicts strong growth in the use of automotive intelligent battery sensors, spearheaded by European luxury brands such as BMW and Mercedes Benz.

Intelligent battery sensors are used to monitor battery health, and can help avoid occasional problem situations where there is not enough charge to start a vehicle. According to the ADAC, a German roadside assistance organization, 15% of breakdowns in new vehicles and more than 25% of breakdowns in vehicles over six years old are directly attributable to battery energy management problems.

"Intelligent battery-sensing technology has a key role to play in improving vehicle reliability and robustness," noted Ian Riches, service director of the Automotive Electronics Service. "We expect the market for these devices to exceed $180 million by 2012," added senior industry analyst, Mark Fitzgerald.

The new report, “India, A Growing Automobile Market for Automotive Electronics,” predicts that India will see a large increase in manufacturing capacity from major investments by General Motors, Hyundai and Suzuki. The level of localized sourcing and new technology will enhance the market.

“With the growth of its automotive market, India rivals China as a fast growing economy,” says Kevin Mak, Industry Analyst of the Automotive Electronics Service. “As India becomes a global center for technological development, its component and semiconductor industries will grow further while remaining a low-cost supplier to mature markets.”
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