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Strategy Analytics tracks PND connectivity

The Strategy Analytics Automotive Multimedia and Communications service report, “PNDs Get Connected” predicts that TomTom will lead the way, as at least 25% of the US and European portable navigation device (PND) market gets connected by either wireless or WiFi connections by the year 2015.

Strategy Analytics analyst John Canali said TomTom’s launch of the Go 740 Live, its first two-way connected PND for the US market, is the first push toward connected PNDs by a major player. “Competitive pressure has mounted in the PND market, which has led to declining average sale prices and greater consolidation. Connected PNDs are emerging as a strategic position to differentiate PNDs from navigation-enabled smartphones and vehicle-device interfacing navigation products,” he said. “While connected PND applications currently face numerous obstacles, connected PNDs could act as a bulkhead against outside competition.”

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