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Lamina Ceramics Inc. has launched a line of super-bright, high-power LED light engines featuring superior compatibility with emerging industry standards for drivers and optics. Smaller than a U.S. nickel, the round footprint of the Lamina BL-4000 series of 120-lumen light engines results in a less complex optic design, providing compatibility with a variety of luminaires.

Anchoring the BL-4000 series are an RGB (red-green-blue) light engine producing up to 16 million blended colors — including white with variable color temperature — and a 5,500 °K white-only light engine with a color rendition index (CRI) of 78. All are designed for drive currents, feature integrated protection from electrostatic discharge, an isolated metal base for wiring on a common heat sink in either series or parallel and compatibility with many LED optics.

The Lamina BL-4000 RGB+ LED array has independent input/output three-channel color connections for dynamic or preset display of colors, delivering 120 lumens of blended RGB light through additive mixing. A range of white color temperatures can also be produced. The RGB+ light engine has a red, green and blue LED die arranged for optimal color mixing within each light engine. The BL-4000 RGB+ features large solder pads. Lamina's EZConnect PCB adapter and heat sinks are available.

Lamina's LED arrays are manufactured by combining high brightness LEDs from LED manufacturers with Lamina's proprietary packaging technology, multilayer low temperature co-fired ceramic-on-metal (LTCC-M).
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