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SVOX, Fraunhofer and Atmel technologies deliver Audi in-car digital radio news service

SVOX, Audi and the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits have joined forces to demonstrate live in-car reception of NewsService Journaline over dgital audio broadcasting (DAB) digital radio.

NewsService Journaline is the basis for Audi's personal news service, a “teletext for radio” that is currently in final testing. The service allows drivers to choose continually updated text news sorted by topics.

The service is provided by a real-time transmission chain consisting of Fraunhofer’s multimedia DataServer for DAB R4 and DAB receiver technology by Atmel Corporation. The Multimedia DataServer aggregates content for NewsService Journaline and transmits it using DAB. An SVOX text-to-speech system installed in the car presents the text messages to the driver.

SVOX chief executive officer, Volker Jantzen, said the service can be managed and personalized via the Audi multimedia interface to deliver only news of interest to the driver. DAB radio receivers are available for the Audi A5, A6/S6, A8/S8 and Audi Q7.
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