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Sybase iAnywhere, Marvell collaborate on Bluetooth for automotive telematics

Sybase iAnywhere said it will collaborate with Marvell Semiconductor to develop an embedded Bluetooth software stack for automotive telematics applications.

Its goal is a new version of the iAnywhere Blue SDK (Software Developer Kit) that includes support for the Marvell 88W8688 WLAN plus Bluetooth single chip solution and future Marvell devices. Sybase expects the SDK to be compliant with the final Bluetooth "Seattle" specification when it achieves ratification in mid-2009.

The iAnywhere Blue SDK, embraced by telematics equipment/systems providers such as Harman/Becker, Visteon, and Johnson Controls, provides an efficient way to add Bluetooth radio communications to embedded devices.

The new version will add feature sets to adhere to the current draft of the nextBluetooth specification (code-named “Seattle”) including:
· Connections using high-speed 802.11-based hardware through the AMP Manager (Alternate MAC/PHY);
· Enhanced Logical Link Control Adaptation Protocol (L2CAP) capability for managing both Bluetooth and 802.11 radio connections, and
· Support for popular profiles such as handsfree and audio streaming, and efficient data transfer between mobile devices.

Sybase said that with the increased bandwidth now available through the use of the 802.11 MAC/PHY, the telematics industry can move toward an ecosystem that enables the simultaneous use of handsfree operation, data (phone book) synchronization, in-car audio streaming and in-car video streaming to multiple users in the car.

High-speed Internet access will also enable more sophisticated integration of automated automotive solutions such as toll road payment systems and traffic management systems to help alleviate traffic congestion.

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