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Synchronous 1.5 A buck regulator features inputs to 36 V

National Semiconductor Corporation has introduced the LM3100 Simple Switcher, which it said is among the first synchronous, monolithic 1.5 A buck regulators with an input voltage range of 4.5 V to 36 V. Paul Greenland, director of strategic marketing for National Semiconductor's Power Management Group, said the device combines ease of use, online design tool support, a wide input voltage range and constant on-time architecture.

“Complex digital loads require fast transient response, and the LM3100 employs a high-performance constant on-time architecture with a proprietary, patent-pending flywheel current injection control that allows the use of ceramic output capacitors without additional ESR compensation,” Greenland said. “Input voltage feed-forward rejects line transients and keeps the switching frequency nearly constant when operating from an unregulated supply.” Other features include 0.8 V, 1.5% feedback; switching frequency adjustable up to 1 MHz, and an asymmetrical power stage tuned for step-down conversion.

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