Auto Electronics

Teradyne Diagnostic Solutions readies integrated tester

Teradyne Diagnostic Solutions is preparing to launch an integrated tester called the i-VIEW Ultra that combines a vehicle communications interface (VCI) with a built-in PC and supports in-plant flash programming of multiple electronic control units in parallel.

David Tunstall, business unit manager for Teradyne’s VCATS (vehicle configuration and test systems) product group, said the system features a large bandwidth for programming, parameterization, testing, and diagnostic functionality on many concurrent systems at once. It can also operate as a stand-alone testing unit.

Tunstall noted that on modern production lines, huge volumes of data have to be programmed and installed into a vehicle from an increasingly vast file storage system. “The system in the plant needs to select reliably from these files and install them onto the correct model at the correct time,” he said.

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