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TI C2834x Delfino MCUs double floating-point performance; target driver assistance

Texas Instruments has introduced the TMS320C2834x Delfino microcontroller family, which offers double the floating point performance of existing TMS320C2000 devices plus 516 KB of single-cycle access RAM memory and 65 ps high-resolution pulse width modulation (PWM) outputs among other features appropriate for driver assistance applications.

TI said the TMS320C2834x MCUs feature a 300 MHz, C28x core that offers fast interrupt response and minimal latency for execution of complex control algorithms and real-time data analysis. A 32-bit floating-point unit eases programming of magnitude calculations, eliminates scaling and saturation burden and improves performance of algorithms such as Park transforms and proportional integral derivatives (PID).

Other features include CAN, I2C, SPI and standard serial interface (SCI) peripherals, an external A/D converter interface, and code compatibility across the C2000 platform, which ranges from the 40MHz Piccolo to the 300 MHz Delfino.

The C28343 and C28346 are the first devices in the C2834x series and are supported by the DIM100 controlCARD and DIM168 controlCARD. The controlCARDs are modular daughtercards designed to plug into TI’s evaluation and application boards.

The TMX320C28346, starting at $19.70 (100 unit pricing), is the superset configuration operating at 300 MHz and includes 516 KB of on-chip RAM. The TMX320C28343 operates at 200 MHz, includes 260 KB of on-chip RAM, and starts at $13.50 (100 unit pricing). The C28346 DIM168 Experimenter’s Kit (TMDXDOCK28346-168) and C28343 DIM100 Experimenter’s Kit (TMDXDOCK28343) are also immediately available and priced at $189 and $159, respectively.

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