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TI fixed-point digital signal controllers are compatible with floating-point devices

Targeting automotive radar, among other applications, Texas Instruments has introduced a family of fixed-point digital signal controllers that are hardware- and software-compatible with floating-point DSCs.

The TMS320F282x series is said to combine the affordability of a fixed-point architecture with the faster software development associated with floating-point devices. Floating-point algorithms that previously required significant recoding for fixed-point operation can now be recompiled in minutes to run on the F282x devices, according to the company. The new DSCs are said to offer time-to-market and manufacturing cost savings.

The fixed-point F282x DSCs complement TI’s recently introduced TMS320F283x floating-point DSCs, which double performance and cut development time in half from TI’s previously leading DSCs. The F282x controllers operate at up to150 MHz, are 100% code-compatible with F283x devices, and can be programmed using the same development tools. They are also pin-compatible with the F283x series, so a developer can create a control system using floating-point operations for greater accuracy and rapid programming, then recompile the same source code to be used on a fixed-point device for cost efficiency without re-designing any hardware.

Applications that do not need the full performance of a floating-point controller can be prototyped and debugged using F283x DSCs, then manufactured using F282x DSCs to take advantage of fixed-point economy. Andrew Soukup, TI worldwide C2000 marketing manager, says the parallel fixed- and floating-point devices save significant time in development and allow manufacturers to target both performance and cost-conscious market segments using the same software and hardware engineering.

The TMS320F28235 digital signal controllers are currently sampling in limited quantities. Volume production is scheduled for the second quarter of 2008. Prices range from $14.10 to $20.30 in 100-piece quantities.

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