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TI offers low-cost, 32-bit digital signal controller

To encourage automotive design engineers to make the transition from 8-bit or 16-bit microcontroller designs to 32-bit digital signal processor-based controllers for motor control, digital power conversion, and intelligent sensor control applications, Texas Instruments is offering four new TMS320F280xx digital signal controllers priced from $3.25 in 1k quantities.

The TMS320F28015 and F28016, and the TMS320F2801-60 and F2802-60, which are based on the current TMS320F2801 and F2802, offer 60 MHz performance. TI is also offering a digital power development kit consisting of a TMS320C2000 digital power supply software library and hardware modules from Tier Electronics that provide off-the-shelf platforms to work with the software library.

TI's F280xx controllers feature a 32-bit-wide data path and mixed 16/32-bit instruction set for improved code density. The controllers provide control system capabilities from signal input through the on-chip,12-bit A/D converter (ADC), quadrature encoder pulse (QEP) interfaces, and timer captures and compares, through signal output with up to 10 independent pulse width modulation (PWM) channels. Communication interfaces include CAN, I2C, UART and SPI ports.

The four F280x devices feature a patent-pending pulse width modulator (PWM) with 150 ps resolution. The PWM provides 16 bits of accuracy in a 100 kHz control loop and 12 bits at 1.5 MHz. The controllers are AEC Q100 automotive qualified in 100-pin LQFP packaging.

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