Auto Electronics

TI’s 60 V, 2 MHz DC/DC converter draws 65 µA quiescent current

Texas Instruments’ automotive-qualified TPS54362-Q1 is a DC/DC step-down converter that combines a 3.6 V to 48 V input voltage range, support for transients up to 60 V, switching frequency up to 2 MHz, and quiescent current of 65 µA in an HTSSOP-20 package. Priced at $2.75 in 1,000-piece quantities, the device is the first in a planned family of automotive-qualified DC/DC controllers and converters.

The TPS54362-Q1 converts an unregulated input voltage to a fixed lower output voltage to power automotive applications such as infotainment, navigation systems, and power supply for electronic control units. It allows designers to reduce overall solution size, cost, and design complexity when compared to discrete solutions.

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