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Toshiba Class-KB power amp targets car audio

Toshiba America Electronic Components Inc. has introduced the TB2905HQ, a Class-KB (keyed bridge-tied load) audio power amplifier based on bipolar, complementary metal oxide semiconductor and double-diffused metal oxide semiconductor (BiCD) technology. The device incorporates four bridge-tied load (BTL) amplifier channels, offers standby switching, muting, offset and clipping detection features, and includes protective circuits.

"Class-KB completely eliminates the switching noise or electromagnetic interference associated with digital or switched analog amplifier designs,” said David Cruikshank, business development manager for TAEC’s ASSP business unit.

The amplifier is said to provide high output power (JEITA maximum power of 47 W x 4 BTL amplifier channels at 4 Ohms and 14.4 V), high performance (at 2 Ohms with typical power of 55 W x 4 BTL amplifier channels at 14.4 V and 10% THD), a low distortion ratio (THD of 0.03% typical at 4 Ohms, 13.2 V, and 2 W of output power), low standby current (2 µA typical).

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