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Toyota’s G-BOOK features CSR’s Bluetooth audio streaming technology

CSR plc said its BlueCore5-Multimedia silicon is featured in Toyota’s new G-BOOK mX and G-BOOK mX Pro telematics and navigation devices. The G-BOOK allows users to stream audio to their car stereo system wirelessly from mobile phones, MP3 players and personal media devices, and also provides hands-free calling.

In hands-free mode, BlueCore5-Multimedia’s architecture leverages the integrated digital signal processor (DSP) to offer echo cancellation. In music playback mode, the integrated CODEC achieves a signal-to-noise ratio of -95 dB. With a transmit power of +8 dBm and reception sensitivity at -90 dBm, transmission range is increased and reception quality is enhanced. BlueCore5-Multimedia also supports most Bluetooth profiles needed for car applications, such as the Bluetooth Audiovisual Remote Control Profile (AVRCP), which allows Toyota the option of including remote-control functionality in future generations of G-BOOK.

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