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Triple video amplifier targets automotive display systems

Linear Technology Corporation has introduced the LT6557, a triple video amplifier for single supply applications. The device targets automotive display systems such as in-car navigation or video systems and CCD imaging systems, among other applications.

Available in a 16-pin SSOP or DFN, the LT6557 features a wide output swing that extends to 0.8V of supply rails, thus it is one of the few wideband RGB amplifiers able to provide full video swing when operated from a 5 V single supply. The LT6557 offers a –3 dB bandwidth of 500 MHz, a 2200 V/µs slew rate, and 4 ns settling time, all of which enhances ac performance for sharper video images. It also has a 0.1 dB gain flatness that extends to 120 MHz, which facilitates it use over a wide range of video signals.

An internal biasing feature allows the user to program the inputs of all three amplifiers to the same dc voltage level with a single resistor, thereby minimizing external component count and simplifying ac-coupled applications. The internal fixed gain of 2 eliminates six external gain setting resistors required for driving double-terminated cables.

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