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TRW Automotive offers forward collision warning systems

TRW Automotive Holdings Corp. is offering a range of forward collision warning systems based on camera and radar technology.

TRW noted that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s NCAP (new car assessment program) revision includes Forward Collision Warning, Electronic Stability Control and Lane Departure Warning systems, which will be featured on vehicle stickers.

Forward collision warning methods can include audio tones, visual warnings, a pulse in the brake pedal and/or a jerk of the seatbelt using a seatbelt retractor.

TRW's camera-based FCW system uses a forward-looking monocular camera with object recognition capability mounted on the windshield behind the rear-view mirror. The camera is linked to a warning device that can give visual, audible or other feedback to the driver that a potential collision is imminent. TRW said its forward looking camera features miniaturized packaging and can also provide lane departure warning functionality to satisfy two NCAP requirements. The system can be upgraded to include adaptive cruise control.

TRW's radar-based FCW system uses a low-cost, forward-looking 24 GHz radar sensor mounted according to the vehicle manufacturers' preference. The use of radar-based sensing technology provides a high-performance sensor with direct measurement of distance and relative speed. Radar is capable of operating under all weather conditions whereas camera-based FCW can be affected by low sun, heavy rain and snow.

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