Auto Electronics

TTAutomotive delivers FlexRay prototyping and test equipment

TTTech FlexRay subsidiary TTAutomotive has released the TTX-Development Cluster for prototyping FlexRay automotive applications. The ready-to-run system is said to provide developers with the tools needed to build up a time-triggered communication architecture with FlexRay and to test and validate a system by controlled fault injections using programmable fault scenarios.

The TTX-Development Cluster includes tools for configuring TTAutomotive software components such as the FlexRay interface and the FlexRay driver. It also includes a transport protocol component, a communication layer for event messages, and the TTX-OS OSEKtime-compatible operating system.

Development clusters can include from four to 64 TTX-Powerlink FlexRay boards, each of which is equipped with a Freescale MFR4200 FlexRay communication controller and an Infineon TriCore TC1796 CPU. The Powerlink boards are stacked-board expansion systems with integrated peripherals suited for rapid prototyping applications. TTX-Disturbance Node lets technicians examine the effects of faults on system behavior, and systems’ fault-handling properties. It can inject classes of faults for behavior analysis at the physical, logical and application layers.

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