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u-blox releases dead reckoning GPS module

GPS technology supplier u-blox AG has introduced the TIM-4R, a GPS module with dead reckoning technology that is said to ensure 100% road coverage in challenging GPS signal environments. The module, powered by u-blox' 16-channel ANTARIS 4 positioning engine, is designed to provide uninterrupted positioning in environments where GPS operation was previously not possible, as well as to offer better navigation performance than its predecessor, TIM-LR, while using less power.

The firm’s dead reckoning technology supplements GPS data with travel-distance information from an odometer and turn rate data from a gyroscope, thus it provides accurate positioning in tunnels, parking garages, roofed logistics centers, urban canyons or other environments where obstructed GPS signals hinder positioning.

Continuous coverage is desirable in applications such as emergency vehicle services, asset and vehicle tracking products and road pricing systems.

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