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Valeo Park4U system to debut in VW Touran

Valeo said the VW Touran will be the first production vehicle equipped with Valeo’s ultrasonic Park4U parking assistance system. The vehicle will debut in the first half of 2007.

While driving at up to 30 km/h (18.6 mph), the Park4U scans both sides of the street for potential parking slots based on the length of the car. Once a slot has been identified, the driver stops and puts the car in reverse, thereby activating the automated steering. Assisted by front and rear ultrasonic park assist sensors (UPAs), the driver accelerates and brakes while the car steers itself into the parking space. The maneuver can be interrupted at any time by braking or simply taking over the steering wheel. Valeo said its system will automatically steer the car into the parking slot in 15 seconds.

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