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Vector Informatik ties CAN environment to QNX

Development tools vendor Vector Informatik GmbH has optimized its CANbedded environment to work with the QNX instant device activation technology development kit (TDK) in navigation, telematics and infotainment system-on-chip designs that include a CAN controller.

Vector said designers can use the combined solution to meet critical timing requirements, such as responding to a CAN power-up message in less than 50 ms -- even when the system boots from a "cold" state. Vector also said that customers implementing QNX instant device activation software on Vector's CANbedded solution can reduce their bill of materials by up to $8 per unit by eliminating hardware typically needed to speed up boot times.

The QNX TDK uses highly efficient device drivers that start executing before the RTOS kernel is initialized. The drivers are defined in the system's boot loader and can respond quickly to a power-up message and ensure that no other messages are lost while the OS boots.

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