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Vehicle Body Measurement System is 20 Times Faster

In collaboration with Renault's “Technocenter” (vehicle prototype department), the French specialist ActiCM ( has developed a fully automatic optical 3-D vehicle body measurement system that can measure a vehicle body with the required accuracy up to 20 times faster than is possible with traditional methods. The “AdventCR” measurement system combines electronic image processing technology with photogrammetry techniques, giving it the ability to determine the shape and dimensions of components or even an entire vehicle body without contact, yet with extreme accuracy. This is performed using calculations of the 3-D coordinates of all appropriate measurement points. The measuring tolerance varies between 50 and 300 <\#181>m and depends primarily on the dimensions (total volume) of the item being measured as well as the version of the measurement system being used. The measurement system consists of hardware and software and can also be used directly on the production line.

This system is of interest not only to automobile producers, but also to aircraft manufacturers.

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