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VIASPACE Energy receives multi-unit reorder from auto manufacturer

VIASPACE Inc. said its VIASPACE Energy business unit has received a multi-unit reorder for its HS-1000 VIASENSOR, a laser-based humidity detection instrument, from an auto manufacturer that it could not name.

The VIASENSOR makes real-time measurements of humidity levels in industrial and automotive gas streams, including fuel cell humidity levels in high temperature and high humidity environments.

The performance of hydrogen fuel cells using a Polymer Electrolyte Membrane (PEM) depends on the moisture level of the membrane. The membrane only conducts protons when it is hydrated or moist. The moisture is provided by water vapor in the incoming air or hydrogen stream. The VIASENSOR HS-1000 provides real-time measurements of the amount of water vapor in these gas streams.

“We believe that our product will help our customers optimize their hydrogen fuel cell designs, and perhaps even improve fuel economy of conventional gasoline and diesel fueled automobiles,” said VIASPACE chief executive officer Carl Kukkonen.

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