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Vishay 75 V, 2 A half-bridge MOSFET driver targets automotive applications

Vishay Intertechnology has introduced the SiP41111, a high-frequency 75 V half-bridge n-channel MOSFET driver that delivers a 2 A peak sink and source gate driver current. The part is pin-compatible with the HIP2100 and HIP2101.

Vishay’s SiP41111 can be used in high-intensity discharge lamps among other automotive applications, which often require voltages up to 40 V or 60 V. It can also be used in high-voltage buck converters, push-pull converters, full- and half-bridge converters, active-clamp forward converters, power supplies, motor control, and class D audio systems.

The SiP41111 features a maximum bootstrap supply voltage up to 75 V, accommodates a supply voltage range from 9 V to 13.2 V, and is capable of driving a 1,000 pF load with typical rise and fall times of 10 ns. Typical delay match and high-low match times of 6.5 ns enable the fast propagation times required for multi-megahertz circuits, according to the company. An on-chip 1.5 Ohm bootstrap diode helps to reduce external component counts. Undervoltage protection pushes the outputs to low in the event of an under-voltage event, after which the device turns on again automatically. Package options include the SOIC-8 and thermally enhanced PowerPAK SOIC.

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