Auto Electronics

Vishay capacitors target automotive systems

Vishay Ccomponents has introduced a series of RoHS-compliant 153 CRV aluminum electrolytic capacitors with operating life from 200,000 hours at 40 degrees C. Suited for automotive systems, among other applications, the 153 CRV series capacitors are available in case sizes with measurements ranging from 4.0 mm by 4.0 mm by 5.3 mm to 10 mm by 10 mm by 10 mm. Standard capacitance values are from 0.47 microfarads to 470 microfarads, with voltage ratings from 6.3 V to 50 V. The capacitors are charge- and discharge-proof, and will withstand surge voltages up to 1.15 times rated voltage, and reverse voltages up to 1 V.

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