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Vishay offers new package for trench MOS barrier and planar Schottky rectifiers

Vishay Intertechnology Inc. has introduced a new miniature package type for its Trench MOS Barrier Schottky (TBMS) and planar Schottky rectifiers. The 1.1 mm high SMPC package has a 4.8 mm by 6.7 mm footprint, and is designed to provide more power in a smaller space. Applications include secondary rectifiers and freewheeling circuitry for ac-to-dc and dc-to-dc converters; output rectification for small- and medium-power adaptors, and flywheel and polarity protection for solenoid drive circuits in automotive and industrial systems.

The new rectifiers include three TMBS and 16 planar devices. The TBMS rectifiers offer voltage ratings up to 100 V and high current power densities of 8 A to 12 A. The planar parts provide voltage ratings from 20 V to 100 V, and high current power densities from 3 A to 10 A. All of the devices are said to feature a very low forward voltage drop and to include wide-bottom plate designs that provide greater heat dissipation than other packages of similar sizes.

Separately, Vishay launched a web-based tool called ThermaSim that designers can use to simulate the thermal performance of Vishay Siliconix MOSFETs prior to prototyping. It’s available at Powered by Rebecca 3-D software from Epsilon Ingenierie, the tool is said to be useful in high-current, high-temperature applications including automotive. It uses structurally detailed models of Vishay Siliconix power MOSFETs created using finite element analysis (FEA) techniques to increase the simulation’s accuracy. Designers can also define other heat-dissipating components and simulate their effect on the MOSFET’s thermal operation.
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