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Visteon adds Game Boy Advance to dockable family entertainment system line-up

Based on research that ranks video gaming among the most desirable in-car entertainment alternatives, Visteon Corporation has introduced dockable entertainment featuring Game Boy Advance, which pairs the popular Nintendo video game system (300 million sold since 2001) with Visteon’s dockable family entertainment system.

The system includes a low-profile docking platform that is installed within the vehicle's headliner and integrated with existing audio equipment. Its 2.5 pound flip-down media player, with a 10.2-inch screen, can be undocked for use outside the vehicle. The new system comes with a wireless game controller, and it allows users to compete with one another by plugging a handheld Game Boy Advance unit into the media player's game link cable. Other system features include optional wireless headphones and remote-control unit, auxiliary jacks for camcorders and other electronic devices, and additional docking stations for other family vehicles. In addition to DVDs and Game Boy Advance titles, the system is compatible with CD-based files, including MP3 and WMA.

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