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Visteon internal heat exchanger boosts AC cooling capacity and efficiency

Visteon Corporation has developed an internal heat exchanger (IHX) that, combined with tuning of the expansion device settings, increases cooling power in a vehicle by up to 14% and operating efficiency by up to 12%, depending on the base system and thermal expansion valve settings. Applied to the new near drop-in refrigerant R1234yf, the technology delivers similar performance improvements.

The new internal heat exchanger, which replaces a part of the suction and liquid refrigerant lines in a traditional R134a system, uses a coaxial tube design integrated in the refrigerant circuit that exchanges energy in a counter-flow arrangement.

Visteon's coaxial IHX features a compact design that provides flexibility in packaging while maintaining a low pressure drop. It uses a design for adapter blocks that eliminates the need to machine the tube ends, thus improving internal cleanliness and simplifying the manufacturing process.

Visteon said its IHX supports the European Commission's plans for more efficient mobile air conditioning systems to reduce real-world fuel consumption and lower CO2 exhaust emissions.

It plans to launch commercial applications during Q1 2009.

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