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Visteon unveils wireless in-vehicle charging

Visteon Corporation has introduced in-vehicle wireless charging technology that eliminates the need for dedicated power cords for each portable device in a vehicle. The user simply places the device on Visteon's charger, and power is wirelessly transferred by electromagnetic induction from the charger to the user's portable device at a rate comparable to a plug-in power cord. The wireless charger contains intelligence that can determine if an object is in close proximity to the charger, and whether the object can be charged.
"Any driver or passenger who uses an electronic device, such as a mobile phone or MP3 player, would benefit from the convenience of this innovation," said Steve Meszaros, vice president, Visteon electronics product group. "Based on consumer studies that Visteon conducted in several countries, people are willing to invest in the convenience of not having to deal with charging cords in a vehicle."

Visteon is working on the technology with companies such as Motorola, Mobility Electronics and Herman Miller.

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