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Volkswagen Group turns to RAC Trafficmaster for real-time traffic data

RAC Trafficmaster Telematics has signed a three-year contract with Volkswagen Group United Kingdom Ltd. under which it will provide real-time traffic information to satellite navigation systems fitted to Audi vehicles.

Beginning in November, Audi will integrate RAC Trafficmaster's RDS TMC (radio data system traffic message channel) service on satellite navigation systems fitted in Audi A6 and A8 cars. Drivers will be able to monitor traffic conditions and recalculate their routes, thus minimizing traffic delays. The RAC Trafficmaster RDS TMC service gathers traffic data in real time from a nationwide network of more than 7,500 roadside sensors. The data is then transmitted to customers' vehicles via the RDS bandwidth of the commercial radio stations operated by GCap Media Plc and Chrysalis Radio.

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