Auto Electronics

Volkswagen selects Infineon MCU for convenience electronics

Infineon Technologies said that Volkswagen has selected an Infineon XC2200 microcontroller for use in automotive body and convenience electronics. Volkswagen will use the chip, which delivers the performance of a 32-bit microcontroller, in a central gateway unit that will exchange, reconcile, and prioritize data across the various networks within a vehicle. The unit will control all of the vehicle’s internal interfaces, including those for engine management, entertainment systems, the instrument cluster, and the control units that manage the body and convenience electronics, as well as the external communication capabilities needed to allow future software updates.

Model year 2009 and later cars based on the Golf platform will need a gateway with a sixth CAN interface and at least two LIN interfaces. Infineon said it is developing an XC2200 microcontroller for Volkswagen that will incorporate this functionality.

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