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Wavecom launches automotive-grade 3G WCDMA computing platform

Targeting telematics, safety and infotainment applications, Wavecom SA has introduced the Q26Ultra, a programmable 3G wireless CPU platform with wideband CDMA functionality. Powered by a tri-core processor that combines dual DSPs with a 208 MHz ARM926, the Q26Ultra is form-factor-compatible with its predecessors, Q2686 and Q2687, and built on Wavecom’s Open AT software suite 3.0.

Vikas Jain, Wavecom’s director, automotive Americas, said the new system is designed to ensure seamless compatibility with the earlier products for customers who want to migrate from 2G, 2.5G or 2.75G to larger-bandwidth 3G networks. Wavecom’s telematics customers include BMW, Yulon Nissan, and PSA Peugeot Citroëns.

The Q26Ultra includes a real-time operating system optimized for telematics and featuring native wireless support. Telematics functions are built-in to the system or available as plug-ins. Jain said the product is designed to reduce the risk of implementing telematics applications and guaranteed over a life cycle commensurate with that of target vehicles.

“Our OEM customers are working now on solutions that are expected to last into the next decade,” Jain said. Since unforeseen new applications are likely within that time frame, Jain said the Q26Ultra was designed to be open, extensible and upgradable.

“The past 10 years saw a communications revolution,” Jain said. “The next 10 years are likely to be a time of applications revolution, based on a platform where communication is a given.”

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