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White Leds Feature Superwide Viewing Angle

Agilent's HSMW-A10xx and HSMW-A40xx series white surface-mount (SMT) LEDs feature a superwide 120 8 viewing angle. Applications include panel, push-button or general backlighting in automotive interiors. Their flat top-emitting surface makes it easy to mate these LEDs with light pipes. With their built-in reflector increasing the intensity of the light output, these LEDs are also well suited for automotive ambient lighting such as vanity mirror lights, cabin or dome lights, and car-door puddle lights. Other applications include panel lighting for office and industrial equipment and home appliances, variable message signs and indoor and outdoor ambient lighting.

In the PLCC-2 package, the HSMW-A101-R50J1 provides 100 millicandela (mcd) minimum luminous intensity (Iv); the HSMW-A100-T50J1 provides 250 mcd minimum Iv. The Iv specifications are based on both products operating at 20 mA of forward current. In the Power PLCC-4 package, the HSMW-A400-U00M2 provides 400 mcd minimum Iv when operating at 30 mA of forward current.

The HSMW-A10xx and HSMW-A40xx series LEDs are supplied in Agilent's reliable and optically efficient packages, and operate over a -40 °C to +100 °C temperature range to assure reliability in harsh automotive environments. Pricing of Agilent's PLCC SMT white LEDs range from 23 cents to 34 cents each in high-volume quantities.
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