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Wireless MP3 music in the car

With “blueLino kfz” the Berlin Bluetooth specialist LinTech ( has presented a new blueLino product that enables the wireless and interference-free reception of MP3 music or other music streams from devices with a Bluetooth interface (MP3 players, computers, mobile phones or PDAs) in top stereo quality in the vehicle.

For the installation of blueLino kfz, the aerial plug inserted into the radio is simply removed and the device connected between the radio antenna and the radio. This makes it possible to use blueLino kfz with all vehicle sound systems, including those that no longer have any AUX or line-in input. LinTech is also planning to integrate the display of titles and artists in the future, in so far as the respective music source has stored them. For the transmission of the stereo signal, LinTech's blueLino products use the Bluetooth A2DP protocol. The Bluetooth multimedia adapters blueLino home and blueLino kfz will be commercially available from July onward and will probably cost between € 79 and €90.

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