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WiSpry aids RF-MEMS funding

WiSpry Inc., a developer of RF-MEMS tunable RF components and modules said it is helping fund research into advanced RF-MEMS packaging technologies in association with Sandia National Laboratories and the University of Arkansas. WiSpry is matching funds to supplement a National Science Foundation grant.

Professors Malshe, Brown and Barlow of University of Arkansas along with Dr. Fred Sexton of Sandia National Laboratories will work in collaboration with Dr. Art Morris and Dr. Shawn Cunningham of WiSpry, in the development of wafer-level encapsulation and chip-scale interconnection technologies for packaging of micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS).

"Low-cost packaging technology is one of the last remaining challenges to the high volume commercialization of RF-MEMS devices for applications such as cellular phones," said Jeff Hilbert, president, CEO and co-founder of WiSpry.

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