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X-FAB 0.18μM process targets analog/mixed-signal automotive chips

X-FAB Silicon Foundries is offering an 0.18 micrometer high-voltage analog/mixed-signal process called XH018 that is said to offer integrated digital, analog, high-voltage and embedded SONOS (silicon/oxide/nitride/oxide/silicon) non-volatile memory (NVM) features.

The firm said that combination allows companies to optimize for cost-effectiveness by selecting only the options that match their specific requirements. The process thus enables smaller-sized designs and supports the reuse of analog IP across different design projects.

The new process features include a large variety of active and passive devices to address analog/mixed-signal design needs. These include low on-resistance (Ron) isolated NLDMOS and isolated PLDMOS devices with an Ron as low as 60 milliohm times square millimeter at 50-volt breakdown voltage. The process also includes primitive devices such as mid-voltage and bipolar transistors, MIM capacitors, 8 kilo-ohm per square poly resistors and depletion transistors.

The NVM SONOS exceeds automotive quality requirements and, for typical sizes used in analog/mixed-signal applications, has a footprint smaller than comparable EEPROM solutions. High voltage requires five masks and SONOS NVM requires two, adding just seven masks for a fully integrated solution with digital, analog, high-voltage and NVM features on top of the digital baseline process. The process also comes with support for X-FAB digital libraries with gate densities up to 115K gates per square millimeter. Analog standard cell libraries, currently in development, will be released later this year.

“Our customers addressing the 0.18 micrometer analog market space have said they need a high-performance process that delivers cost-competitive designs and design support to get to market quickly,” said X-FAB chief technology officer Jens Kosch. “Our 0.18-micrometer analog/mixed-signal process with integrated high voltage and embedded NVM features the industry’s leading cost-per-function performance; and our design support raises the bar by providing design kits for all major EDA platforms; analog, digital and I/O libraries; IP blocks and hotline support.”

The XH018 analog/mixed-signal platform is available now for high-volume manufacturing and can be sourced in large volumes from the X-FAB Sarawak facility in Malaysia.

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