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Xilinx adds FPGA IP for controller area networks

Xilinx Inc. has introduced a fully verified intellectual property (IP) core for implementing controller area networks (CAN) in automotive designs. The CAN LogiCORE solution is designed to support rapid implementation of the CAN protocol with Xilinx Spartan and Virtex Platform FPGAs.

The IP core conforms to ISO 11898-1 CAN 2.0A/B standards and can be used stand-alone, with embedded Xilinx MicroBlaze and PowerPC processors, and with all of Xilink’s XA FPGA offerings.

"By using our pre-built hardware and software solutions, designers can drastically reduce development time with ultimate flexibility and freedom of choice for a wide range of functions,” said Kevin Tanaka, Automotive marketing and product planning manager at Xilinx.

The Xilinx CAN LogiCORE solution allows designers to program as many CAN channels as needed for each automotive platform, thus reducing the costs of overdesign for the application. The core can be combined with multiple protocols to optimize gateway applications as an alternative to generic solutions.

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