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Xilinx introduces LogiCORE FlexRay controller IP

Xilinx has introduced single-channel LogiCORE FlexRay controller intellectual property (IP) optimized for Xilinx Automotive Spartan-3 devices. Xilinx automotive system architect and solutions manager Nick DiFiore said the IP core works seamlessly with Vector Informatik’s FlexRay middleware stack and drivers. He added that Vector also provides low-level drivers for Xilinx’s CAN LogiCORE IP for the automotive market.

The IP targets driver assistance systems, gateway, or other applications where real-time, deterministic, communication between system components is critical. DiFiore said the LogiCORE FlexRay controller IP leverages the configurability and scalability of Xilinx programmable logic technology. “Tier One suppliers and OEMs looking for a real-time high-speed replacement for CAN will find that the flexibility to configure the number of transmit and receive buffers, for example, allow for a network interface truly optimized for the application at hand," he noted.

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