Auto Electronics

Xilinx, Xylon collaborate on FPGA-powered board for automotive infotainment

Programmable logic supplier Xilinx Inc. said it collaborated with Xylon on the logiCRAFT2 system, a programmable development board for automotive infotainment applications. Xylon is the developer of logicBRICKS optimized IP cores.

The board, which also includes Xilinx Spartan-3 FPGAs and the 32-bit Xilinx MicroBlaze soft processor, is capable of driving up to three displays--one in front for navigation and two for the rear seats--with different video streams on each screen. The board supports a wide variety of video input and output standards including LVDS, CMOS, RGB digital and analog, COG and CVBS.

“Many automotive designs have limited success because they rely on ASSP devices that are prone to obsolescence,” said Kevin Tanaka, Xilinx’ worldwide automotive marketing and product planning manager. He added that reconfigurable FPGAs allow designers to make changes up to the final stage of implementation, and to migrate designs easily migrated into future product generations.

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