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Networking and Learning at APEC 2016

Networking and Learning at APEC 2016

Having joined Electronic Design last fall, I just attended my first annual Applied Power Electronics Conference (APEC). The opportunity was immensely valuable, as I had the chance to meet a number of very experienced, bright people. All of them were keen to share their knowledge, explain and demonstrate different technologies at their booths, and proudly talk about the latest product introductions.

The phrases I kept hearing on the show floor were: better performance, higher power density, higher efficiency, higher switching frequency, lower switching losses, and smaller footprint. To me, those words reflect the hard work and effort that companies put into creating, adjusting, and delivering their best solutions for their customers.

I got to know about the latest developments from well-known companies in the power electronics industry (e.g., Linear Technology, Power Integrations, Infineon, Texas Instruments, Vishay, Renesas, and others), which I plan to share with you all through future articles and photo galleries. Also, I was able to meet with several new companies, with one in particular that got my attention: GLF Integrated Power. Its product (IQSmart load switch) is unique because it promises to draw zero current when an application is in standby mode, which I find quite valuable since it will highly improve power efficiency in wearables, mobile medical applications, and other battery-powered devices.

The presence of wide-band-gap materials like silicon carbide (SiC) and gallium nitride (GaN) was noticeable, too. Efficient Power Conversion was there with a wide display of GaN applications and a relative new company, Navitas Semiconductor, was there, too, announcing its new AllGaN Power IC. Wolfspeed was also on hand ratifying the power of SiC with its 900V SiC MOSFET evaluation products.

After my visit to APEC, I can only say that the future of power electronics looks more promising than ever; power electronic companies are highly engaged in a broad range of applications that will keep them developing better solutions as the needs change. APEC proved to be the best place to learn about the latest developments in power electronics and the perfect opportunity to meet or reconnect with the best professionals in the industry today.

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