So you think you know wireless: A quick quiz.

Check your knowledge of modern wireless.  Answers at the end.

1.      Which of the following is NOT an official Industrial-Scientific-Medical (ISM) band frequency?

a.       220 MHz

b.      433 MHz

c.       915 MHz

d.      5.8 GHz

2.      Which of the following modulation scheme has the greatest spectral efficiency?

a.       8PSK

b.      16QAM

c.       QPSK

d.      4FSK

3.      Which of the following antennas has the greatest gain and directivity?

a.       Yagi

b.      Horn

c.       Parabolic

d.      Helical

4.      Which of the following frequency ranges is considered shortwave?

a.       Less than 1 MHz

b.      3 to 30 MHz

c.       30 to 300 MHz

d.      Above 30 GHz

5.      Which of the following is NOT a common cellular radio frequency band?

a.       850-950 MHz

b.      1700-1900 MHz

c.       2100-2600 MHz

d.      3.1-3.6 GHz

6.      Which of the following technologies are NOT formally defined as 4G?

a.       WCDMA

b.      Cdma2000

c.       LTE

d.      HSPA

e.       All of the above

7.      The most widely use modulation scheme in most modern communications technologies is

a.       OFDM

b.      GFSK

c.       16PSK

d.      AM-SSB

8.      The wireless technology that has been the most widely deployed (chip count) is

a.       Wi-Fi

b.      Bluetooth

c.       ZigBee

d.      Z-Wave

9.      At what frequency will the transmission range be the greatest given the same transmit power, antenna gains, and receiver sensitivity?

a.       2.4 GHz

b.      5.8 GHz

c.       915 MHz

d.      60 GHz

10.  Which of the following modulation schemes does NOT require linear power amplification?

a.       SSB-AM

b.      WCDMA

c.       OFDM

d.      GFSK

11.  The higher the frequency, the longer the antenna element required.

a.       True

b.      False

12.  The data rate through a wireless link is a function of

a.       Bandwidth

b.      Noise level

c.       Modulation scheme

d.      All of the above

13.  Path loss in a wireless link is directly proportional to wavelength.

a.       True

b.      False

14.  GPS uses which microwave band?

a.       S

b.      L

c.       C

d.      Ku

15.  In a multi-level modulation scheme, the symbol rate is

a.       Less than the data rate

b.      More than the data rate

c.       Same as the data rate

d.      Not related to the data rate

16.  Which of the following best describes MIMO?

a.       A type of wireless multiplexing method.

b.      The same as wireless diversity.

c.       Uses multiple radios and antennas to boost throughput.

d.      A modulation scheme that mitigates multipath propagation effects.

17.  A dipole antenna usually has a length of

a.       λ/4

b.       λ/2

c.        λ

d.      2 λ

18.  A dipole has which polarization?

a.       Horizontal

b.      Vertical

c.       Either a or b.

d.      Circular

19.  Which wireless access method uses the least spectrum bandwidth?

a.       CDMA

b.      FDMA

c.       OFDMA

d.      TDMA

20.  Who was the real inventor of radio?

a.       Marconi

b.      Edison

c.       Armstrong

d.      Tesla


1.      a

2.      b

3.      c

4.      b

5.      d

6.      e

7.      a

8.      b

9.      c

10.  d

11.  b

12.  d

13.  b

14.  b

15.  a

16.  c

17.  b

18.  c

19.  d

20.  d


18-20 correct               Obvious wireless expert

16-17 correct               Superior wireless knowledge

12-15 correct               Wireless novice

Less than 12 correct    Digital designer

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